Mountain Pointe Cross Country

The Pride Distance Club is now up and RUNNING!

     All incoming freshmen and new students who want to join the Distance Team and run Cross Country please contact Coach Grant Sinclair at:​

To be ready to join the team when school begins you must:

1) Register for the 2018-2019 cross country season on your Register My Athlete (RMA) account and, 

2) have your physical exam completed with 2018-2019 AIA Annual Preparticipation Physical Examination form, which must then be, 

3) uploaded to your RMA account.

and then

4) You must complete all other RMA account requirements before you may begin training.

For a copy of the physical exam form go to:

     To register your first-time athlete go to:  

​ and follow the instructions for "CLEARANCE PROCEDURE FOR ATHLETICS/ACTIVITIES"

     Returning athletes can go to their RMA account to register for 2018-2019 CC and upload their completed 2018-2019 AIA physical form:

     For all information regarding Mountain Pointe Cross Country, The Distance Team and The Pride Distance Running Club, please contact Coach Grant Sinclair at:

Please be sure to include athlete's name and grade, your email address and a phone number.​ 

DON'T GET LEFT BEHIND!  Complete your RMA requirements NOW!

Do you want to be the best student and fastest runner you can be?  

We will make it happen together - come train with Pride Distance!